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Vavra, Josef. ( Cartoonist, Illustrator). Collection of 18 original drawings ( coloured ) and 1 photograph by Josef Varva Czech cartoonist and illustrator. All with as subject bullfighting. all signed J. V. All with a Bullfigther called C.Tom Suden as subject. Nice and unique collection and of course very rare this item on bullfighting. ( Torero)
1919.- 1925 Text on front in Spanish. on the verso often in German. Mainly in format of a picture postcard. Three send and with stamps. Drawings singned on frontcover. Fine condition.
Text on front. 1. Bombita. 2. Corrida. Suden. Granero Bombita . Plaza de Toros de Madrid. 3. Tom Suden. 4. Tom Suden. 5. Buena estocada. 6. Suden, Momento de Dar a Puntilla. 7. Suden. 8. Tom Suden. 9. Suden La prima spada d'Espana el monstruo Cordobes nuestro celebro torero. 10. Puntillande e ovaccao a Suden. 11. Un artista Genial. C. Tom Suden. 12. Tom Suden. 13. Brindando la muete del toro. 14. Suden La prima spada d'espana El monstruo Cordobes Nuestro celebre torero. 15.Anzoletto. 16. Tom Suden. 17 Tom Suden. 18 without text. 19. Photograph of a cartoon periodical called. Humorsticke Listy. Fine and important collection on bullfighting. Of course these kind of items are very scarce and a must for evry bullfighting collection.
EUR 975.00

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