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. A very nice album with 42 original photographs of Mollusca ( Snails.) a.o. Triton Tritonis.; Lotorium; Pilearis; Murex ramosus; Palma-rosoe; Bicolor; Tenuispina Ceylon; Regius Wood; Ranella gigantia; Pteroceras; Strombius; etc.. And some photographs on New Sealand.( Mount Torlesse; Mokau River; Helmswoman; Oxford Bush/ Canterbury) with nummerous manuscript notes.
without year and place New Zealand ca., 1900.Photographs 13,5 x 12 cm ( mainly some smaller , some finely handcoloured. Almost each photograph with a handwritten description. In a small 4to album. Spine gone....otherwise in very good / fine condition.
Obviously an album of a naturalist who described mollusca on and near New Sealand....Nummerous biological notes in handrwitten... Scare album. The Maori woman has been photographed by Thomas Pringle.
EUR 1,250.00

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