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Designo de; non men improviso, che felice Passagio ... imperiali di la della Secchia, nella Lombardia, Sequito le 15. Settembre dell' anno 1734.... Accuratissimo Disegno della sanguinosa battaglia seguita li 19. Ottobre dell'anno 1734 appresso Guastalla nella Lombardia.. tra gl' Imperiali e gli Alliati Francesi e Savojardi.....Broadside
Neurenberg, Homann Heirs ca, 1734.2 engraved plans ( partly in bird's eye perspective) partly nice handcoloured with battle-arryas and individual positions and legend engraved below. With descriptive text printed in German and Italian. In Nice condition. 52,5 x 42.3 cm.
Very rare and detailed carthographic impression of the second battle in the seventh year war between the army of Friedrich II of Prussia and Prinzen Karl Alexander von Lothringen from Austria. Near Prague in Czech Republic. Published separately not a map from an atlas. 1. Battle between the armies of Friedrich II and the French in Secchia near the Po river. 2. Battle of Guastalla 1734 between the Franco-Sardinan troops and Austro-Prussian forces. Both in Italy. ( german text. Entwurff der von denen Kaiserl.... Passage über die Secchhia in der Lombardie & der ... zu Quistello in die Flucht getriebenen Gallo-Sardinische Armee... Accurater Entwurffder bey Guastalla überfall & Wegjagung der Franzosen.....
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