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Arbib, M.A. The Metaphorical Brain. An Introduction to Cybernetics as Artificial Intelligence and Brain Theory.
New York, Wiley-Interscience, 1972.243p.,ills., or.cl. fine copy
EUR 70.00

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Berigt wegens eene nieuwlings uitgevondene reken-machine. ( early Dutch computing ) in 1781. On the Rechentrommel invented by Philipp Matthaus Hahn.
Leiden, 1781.205- 208 pp. marbled wrappers. ( Contemporary) Taken from Genees- natuurkundig en huishoudkundig kabinet.
Explination of a rekenmachine , which is a kind of calculator, nowadays called a computer. Invented by Mr. Hahn from Kornwestheim ( Near Ludwigsburg in Germany ) =Philipp Matthaus Hahn.
EUR 225.00

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Briggs, Henry (1561-1630); Henri Gellibrand (1597-1636). Trigonometria Britannica: sive De doctrina triangvlorum libri duo, : quorum prior continet Constructionem Canonis Sinuum Tangentium & Secantium, una cum logarithmis Sinuum & Tangentium ad Gradus & Graduum Centesimas & ad Minuta & Secunda Centesimis respondentia ... / a Henrico Briggio ... compositus : posterior verò usum sive Applicationem Canonis in Resolutione Triangulorum tam Planorum quam Sphaericorum e Geometricis fundamentis petità ... exhibet ab Henr. Gellibrand ... constructus.
Goudae ( ouda ), exc. P. Rammasenius = Pieter Rammazeyn, 1633.[8], 110, [1] p., [136] leaves of plates : ill. ; 35 cm. ( Coll. p 4 A-N 4 O 4(-O4) a-y 6 z 4 ) folio. 19th century full calf, richly gilt decorated. with blindstamped centerpieces on front and backcover. Edges red. Marbled endpapers. Red label on spine. Halftitle at right blank margin reinforced. Provenance with stamp on halftitle. :"Dollinger". Spine signed.: " P.D.". Nice condition.
The Origin of Cyberspace no 2.:" Briggs received his M.A. from Cambridge University in 1585, and served as an examinator and lecturer in mathematics there before becoming the first professor of geometry at London's newly founded Gresham College. He spent many years working on problems of navigation and astronomy, but by 1615 had turned his attention entirely to logarithms, which he learned of through the publication of Napier's ' Mirifici logarithmorum canonis descriptio. ( 1614 ) '. While visiting Napier in Scotland during the summer of 1615 and 1616, Briggs discussed with Napier the prospect of changing the latter's original hyperblolic system, in which log -7 = 0. to the system currently in use, in which log 1 = 0 and log 10 = 1. Napier's failing health prevented him from undertaking this task. So the job fell to Briggs, who in 1617 published logarithmorum chilias prima. Containing the first 1000 logarithms of the new canon. This was followed seven years later by his Arithmetica logarithmica, which contained logarithms from 1 to 20,000 and from 90,0000 to 100,000; the remaining 70 chiliads, supplied by Adrian Vlacq, were published in the second edition of 1628. These formed the basis of printed mathematical tables for many years." ( = Norman on the edition London 1624. Dict. of scientific biography II p. 462 -3 :" Vlacq also printed Brigg's tables of logarithmic sines and tangents. The responsibility for seeing this work through the press was entrusted by Briggs, when dying, to his friend Henry Gellibrand, then professor of astronomy at Gresham College, who added a preface explaining the application of logarithms to plane and spherical trigonometry. The work was published in 1633 as Trigonometria Britannica..."
EUR 4,500.00

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Cloesen, Bernard; Vroesen, Adriaan; Stampioen, Nicolaas. Sphaera Automaticam Auspiciis Amp. Adriani Vroesii, Calculis Nicolai Stampioen, Per Thrasium adornata: Quam D. Sebastiani Schepers senatoris Rotterd. &c. vidua & heredes dispersam & collapsam publico usui destinarunt, et ab artifice Bernardo Cloesio in ordinem redactam & auctam Academiæ curatores et consules Lugd. Batav. bonis artibus, & cślesti studio dicarunt anno MDCCXI
Leiden, P. van der Aa., 1711.Plano. 46 x 38,5 cm fine copperengraving of this scientific apparatus measuring. 17.5 x 23 cm. Contemporary mounted on blank paper. IN very good if not fine condition.
Broadside on the Leiden Sphaera or Leiden Sphere with detailed description of this automatic sphere. The original planetarium was made for the Rotterdam burgomaster Adriaan Vroesen for a sum of 70,000 guilders. It was a very expensive piece of apparatus. The Leiden Sphaera represents the solar system according to Copernicus: the earth orbits a stationary sun with the other planets. The planets known at the time are included: Mercury, Venus, Earth with the moon, Mars, Jupiter and the most distant planet known at the time, Saturn. The whole is driven by a clockwork mechanism, which had to be rewound every eight days. The planetarium revolved for over a century in library of the University of Leiden. In about 1830, however, it was regarded as scientifically obsolete, and removed.. The sphere has been made by the Rotterdam Clockmaker Steven Tracy with additions by the Bernard Cloesen (fl. 1688-1712). This broadside describes in detail the construction, usage and capabilities of the Copernican sphere. Extremely rare broadside on this famous automatic planetarium, called the " miracle of Leiden." A rare automaton. H. C. King, Geared to the stars (1978), 213-4: " The Rijksmuseum, Leiden, has an impressive orrery-sphere constructed ca. 1700 [ca. 1670] by Steven Tracy*) (d. 1703), a clockmaker and instrument-maker of Rotterdam. Two vertical brassrings, each 1,5 m in diameter, support a wide (28,6 cm) zodiac-band composed of embossed constellation figures cut from sheet brass and mounted in rectangular frames. These figures, originally gilded or lacquered, are now covered with gold lacquer. Supporting the sphere is a hollow wooden cube 84 cm high. This originally held clockwork, but the access door now reveals only an empty interior. A 13-cm clock-face on the top surface of the pedestal shows the time in hours and minutes, and slot apertures nearby indicate the day of the month, month of the year, and the year. The orrery reproduces the orbital motion of the moon, the courses of all the then-known planets, and the rotation and axis parallelism of the earth, and (for the first time) incorporates a geared model of Jupiter's system. In these respects it is comparable to an English grand orrery, but the mechanism is different. Brackets supporting the planets (or planet assemblies) extend from coaxial collars mounted on the vertical sun-stem. Further, these collars are attached to tubes rotated by wheelwork located in the upper part of the pedestal. The basic design therefore resembles that of the Rřmer/Horrebow ceiling planetarium, but various additions show that the designer was no slavish follower of his predecessors. For one thing, he tried to give the model planets some semblance of Keplerian motion by using offset cams similar to those on the Rittenhouse orreries (Chapter 16). Each planet-arm terminates in a shaped strip of metal free to slide in the vertical slots of a carriage fixed to a mobile collar. As the collar rotates, small wheels mounted on the metal strip are guided along the edge of an offset elliptical cam attached to a fixed collar. For Saturn the cam is inclined and the rollers travel along a rim parallel to its surface. For the other planets, earth excepted, the cams are horizontal but carry inclined rims. In all cases the slope of the rim causes its associated planet to rise and fall relative to the plane of the ecliptic, but by excessive amounts. The inclination of Saturn's orbit, for instance, is about 4 degrees. A similar exaggeration applies to the planetary distances, for each guide-plate is strikingly oval or elliptical in shape. To actuate the small Jovilabe at the end of the Jupiter-arm a radial arbor is carried by the arm itself. One end of this takes the form of a pinion long enough to ensure constant contact with a contrate wheel fixed to the central column. The other end is coupled to the drive-arbor of the Jovilabe by a Cardan joint, in order to allow for the variations in the inclination of the arm itself. The earth-moon system appears relatively simple. A small pinion at the lower end of the earth's inclined axis engages a horizontal and relatively large ring-gear with internal teeth. The pinion is presumably conical or bevelled, but its actual form is not apparent by ordinary inspection. As the radial moon-arm rotates, two rollers at the base of the moon-stem travel along the edge of a slightly inclined but circular cam. Presumably a slow rotation of the cam reproduces the regression of the moon's nodes. A Latin text occupying three of the four panels of the pedestal makes no mention of Tracy but states that 'Bernardi a Cloese' improved the sphere and brought it to so perfect a form that it was admired all over Europe. Cloese or Cloesen, a local clock-maker°), receives similar mention on two broadsheets preserved in the Leiden Museum. Each sheet has a central copperplate engraving of the sphere and shows the words 'Sphaera incomparabilis Bibliothecae Lugd. Bat. Excellens ornamentum' on the pedestal (Figure 13.1). The brief text, in French and Latin, records that the sphere was made by 'Thrasius' and that Nicolaus Stampioen made the calculations and Adrien Vroesen #) supervised the work of construction. The sphere had been set aside for public use by the heirs of Sebastien Schepers, a senator of Rotterdam, 'et augmentée & mise en un meilleur ordre par le trés Ingenieux Bernard Cloesen. Messieurs les Curateurs de l'Université et Messieurs les Bourguemaîtres de la Ville de Leyde l'ont destinée aux Amateurs des beaux Arts & de l'Astronomie, en l'An MDCCXI.' The drawing gives a good overall representation of the sphere, omits the eccentric collars but adds a ring for the celestial equator and a spindle that passes upwards through the sun to terminate in an urn-shaped finial. [ *) Steven Tracy's portrait (destroyed in 1940) with celestial globe, painted by Adriaen van der Werff, is given in Planetarium-boek Eise Eisinga (1928), p. 357. Another image of the portrait (RKD 0000035123) gives evidence that the Leiden sphere was depicted in the background: the two great circles (colures) and the equator (added by Cloesen, 1711) are discernible. A grandson of Tracy, or Thrasi was Steven Hoogendijk, founder of the 'Bataafsch Genootschap', see Verh. Bat. Gen. 9, iii-.]
°) Father of Jacob van der Cloese, clockmaker and scientific instrument-maker of Leiden. See Rooseboom 1950: 45-6. [ Maria Rooseboom, Bijdrage tot de geschiedenis der instrumentmakerskunst in de Noordelijke Nederlanden tot omstreeks 1840, Leiden 1950.] [ Bernard van der Cloesen had worked for Chr. Huygens: O.C. 18, 516.]
[ #) Nicolaas Stampioen (1639-1721), son of Johan Stampioen who had been a teacher of Christiaan Huygens (<), and grandson of Jan Jansz. Stampioen who was a friend of Isack Beeckman (<). Adriaen Vroesen (1641-1706), a Rotterdam burgomaster, was a grandson of Willebrord Snellius.]

EUR 2,000.00

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Collection of 14 original papers on computing. Text in Dutch ( 5x ) English ( 6x ) French (2x) and German, (1x). almost all 4to. Includes. George A. Bekey. Preparing Problems for solution on an analog computer,
1957.- 1963. All in original wrappers. All with a stamp and a library number. All illustrated and in very good condition.
Nice collection. With 14 rare and very scarce computing items.
EUR 325.00

Price in euro (€). Extra : A. Shipping ( at costs ) B. 6 % BTW/VAT will be added (only in the European Community)

collection of 72 books by Slavian authors on Automatisation, Computing, Boolean Algebra and Cybernetics. 68 in Cyrrilyc, 1 in German and 3 in Polish. published mainly in Moscou and Riga between.
1959.-1978. 1. Kobrinsky, Trachtenbrot, B.A. Einführung in die Theorie endlicher automaten. deutsch v. Prof. Thiele. and Rolf. Lindner. Berlin. 1967. 335pp.
2. Massovaja radiobiblioteka.
Vypusk 452. K.S. Rževkin.
Tunnel'nyj diod
Gosudarstvennoe ènergeticeskoe izdatel'stvo
Moskva 1962 Leningrad 24pp.

3. Biblioteka po avtomatike.
Vypusk 102. I.A. Apokin i G.F. Kiparenko.
Tonkie magnitnye plenki v vycislitel'noj texnike
Izdatel'stvo "Čnergija"
Moskva 1964 Leningrad 60pp.

4. A.I. Pressman
Rascet I proektirovanie sxem na poluprovodnikovyx priborax dlja cifrovyx vycislitel'nyx mašin
Perevod G.B. Smirnova I Ju. i. Šaranova
Pod redakciej kand. Mexn. Mauk Ja.A. Xemagurova
Izdatel'stvo inostrannoj literatury
Moskva 1963 376pp.
5. Akademija nauk ukrainskoj SSR
Institut kibernetiki
L.A. Rvacev
Matematika i semantika
Nominalizm kak interpretacija matematiki
Izdatel'stvo "Naukova dumka"
Kiev-1966 78pp.

6. Akademija nauk latvijskoj SSR
Institut èlektroniki i vycislitel'noj texniki
A.A. Lorenc
Nadežnost' i vystrodejstvie verojatnostnyx avtomatov
Izdatel'stvo "Zinatne"
Riga 1976 110pp.

7. Akademija nauk SSSR
Naucnyj sovet po kompleksnoj probleme "Kibernetika"
A.S. Kuzicev
Diagrammy venna
Istorija i primenenija
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka"
Moskva 1968

8. Matematiceskoe obespecenie EVM
F. Vaingarten
Transljacija jazykov programmirovanija
Perevod s anglijskovo L.V. Uxova
Pod redakciej V.V. Martynjuka
Izdatel'stvo "Mir"
Moskva 1977 190pp.

9. Cislennye metody rasceta štormovyx nagonov
Sbornik statej
Perevod N.E. Vol'cingera, R.V. Pjaskovskogo
Pod redakciej M.S. Gruševskogo
Gidrometeorologiceskoe izdatel'stvo
Leningrad 1964 223pp.

10. A.F. Ioffe i E.N. Filinov
Izmerenie parametrov ferritovyx cerdecnikov s prjamougol'noj petlej gisterezisa
Gosudarstvennoe ènergeticeskoe izdatel'stvo
Moskva 1963 Leningrad 135pp.

11. F.L. Fridlender, L.A. Cejtlin
Člektronnye vycislitel'nye mašiny
Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo "Vysšaja škola"
Moskva 1961 147pp.

12. Matematiceskaja logika i ee primenenija
Sbornik statej pod redakciej E. Nagela, P. Sappsa i A. Tarskogo
Perevod s anglijskogo
Pod redakciej A.I. Mal'ceva
Izdatel'stvo "Mir"
Moskva 1965 342pp.

13. Problemy kibernetiki
Pod redakciej S.V. Jablonskogo
Vypusk 33
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka"
Glavnaja redakcija fiziko-matematiceskoj literatury
Moskva 1978 228pp.

14. Akademija nauk SSSR
Institut problem peredaci informacii
Sintez diskretnyx avtomatov i upravljajušcix ustrojstv
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka"
Moskva 1968 188pp.

15. Akademija nauk SSSR
Trudy vycislitel'nogo centra
Issledovanija po teorii samonastraivajušcixsja sistem
Vycislitel'nyj centr AN SSSR
Moskva 1967 200pp.

16. A.I. Mal'cev
Algoritmy i rekursivnye funkcii
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka"
Glavnaja redakcija fiziko-matematiceskoj literatury
Moskva 1965 391pp.

17. Populjarnye lekcii po matematike
Vypusk 33
A.S. Barsov
Cto takoe linejnoe programmirovanie
Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo fiziko-matematiceskoj literatury
Moskva 1959 104pp

18. Akademija nauk latvijskoj SSR
Institut èlektroniki i vycislitel'noj texniki
Avtomatika i vycislitel'naja texnika 3
Trudy instituta III
Izdatel'stvo adademii nauk latvijskoj SSR
Riga 1962 163pp.

19. Aperiodiceskie avtomaty
Pod redakciej V.I. Varšavskogo
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka"
Glavnaja redakcija fiziko-matematiceskoj literatury
Moskva 1976 423pp.

20. L.K. Golyšev
Člektronnye vycislitel'nye mašiny
Dopušceno Ministerstvom vysšego i srednego special'nogo obrazovanija USSR v kacestve ucebnogo posobija dlja ucašcixsja èlektromexaniceskix i radiotexniceskix texnikumov USSR.
Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo texniceskoj literatury USSR
Kiev 1963 423pp.
21. F.V. Majorov
Člektronnye cifrovye integrirujušcie mašiny. Cifrovye differencial'nye analizatory
Gosudarstvennoe naucno-texniceskoe izdatel'stvo mašinostroitel'noj literatury
Moskva 1962 408pp.

22. Akademija nauk SSSR-Sibirskoe otdelenie
Institut matematiki
A.A. Zykov
Teorija konecnyx grafov I
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka". Sibirskoe otdelenie
Novosibirsk 1969 542 pp.

23. E.L. Jušcenko
Adresnoe programmirovanie
Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo
Texniceskoj literatury USSR
Kiev-1963 288pp

24. I.N. Petrov
Miniatjurnye radioustrojstva
Voennoe izdatel'stvo
Ministerstva oborony sojuza SSR
Moskva 1961 140pp.

25. V.M. Gluškov, E.L. Jušcenko
Vycislitel'naja mašina "Kiev"
Matematiceskoe opisanie
Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo texniceskoj literatury USSR
Kiev 1962 184pp.

26. B.N. Malinovskij
Cifrovye upravljajušcie mašiny i avtomatizacija proizvodstva
Gosudarstvennoe naucno-texniceskoe izdatel'stvo
Mašinostroitel'noj literatury
Moskva 1963 288pp.

27. X. Frejdental
Jazyk logiki
Perevod s anglijskogo Ju.A. Petrova
Pod redakciej Ju.A. Gasteva
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka"
Glavnaja redakcija fiziko-matematiceskoj literatury
Moskva 1969 134pp.

28. Akademija nauk SSSR
Vycislitel'nyj centr
Issledovanija po teorii samonastraivajušcixsja sistem
Vycislitel'nyj centr an SSSR
Moskva 1971 266pp.

29. Akademija nauk SSSR
Institut problem peredaci informacii
V.G. Lazarev, E.I. Piíl
Sintez asinxronnyx konecnyx avtomatov
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka"
Moskva 1964 256pp

30. E.I. Kljamko
Sxemnyj i testovyj kontrol' avtomaticeskix cifrovyx vycislitel'nyx mašin
Pod redakciej A.I. Kitova
Izdatel'stvo "Sovetskoe Radio"
Moskva 1963 192pp.

31. Buleva algebra i konecnye avtomaty
Perevod s francuzskogo E.V. Babicevoj
Pod redakciej d-ra texn. Nauk P.P. Parxomenko
Izdatel'stvo "Mir" Moskva 1969 292pp.

32. I.S. Gradštejn
Prjamaja i obratnaja teoremy. Člementy algebry logiki
Izdanie cetvertoe, stereotipnoe
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka"
Glavnaja redakcija fiziko-matematiceskoj literatury
Moskva 1965 128pp.

33. Arifmetika cifrovyx mašin
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka"
Glavnaja redakcija fiziko-matematiceskoj literatury
Moskva 1969 575 pp.

34. Akademija nauk Latvijskoj SSR
Institut èlektroniki i vycislitel'noj texniki
A.A. Kurmi
53. Massovaja radiobiblioteka
Vypusk 490
S.X. Azarx i E.A. Friday
Mikrominiatjurizacija radioèlektronnoj apparatury
Gosudarstvennoe ènergeticeskoe izdatel'stvo
Moskva 1963 Leningrad

54. V.I. Varšavskij
Kollektovnoe povedenie avtomatov
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka"
Glavnaja redakcija fiziko-matematiceskoj literatury
Moskva 1973

55. Akademija Nauk Ukrainskoj SSR
Institut prikladnoj matematiki i mexaniki
A.S. Baraško, V.A. Lipskaja, S.I. Rojzen
Issledovanie po teorii složnosti vycislenij i formal'nym jazykam
Kiev "Naukova dumka"

56. Teorija numeracij
Ju.L. Eršov
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka"
Glavnaja redakcija fiziko-matematiceskoj literatury
Moskva 1977

57. Naucno-populjarnaja literatura
N.M. Amosov
Reguljacija žiznennyx funkcij i kibernetika
Izdatel'stvo "Naukova dumka"
Kiev 1964

58. A.N. Melixov
Orientirovannye grafy I konecnye avtomaty
Izdatel'stvo "Nauka"
Glavnaja redakcija fiziko-matematiceskoj literatury
Moskva 1971

59. Buleva algebra i konecnye avtomaty
Perevod s francuzskogo
E.V. Babicevoj
Pod redakciej d-ra texn. Nauk P.P. Parxomenko
Izdatel'stvo "Mir" Moskva 1969

60. M.S. Tukacinskij
Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo fiziko-matematiceskoj literatury
Moskva 1958

61. Biblioteka "Kiberneticeskogo Sbornika"
Složnost' vycislenij i algoritmov
Sbornik perevodov
Pod redakciej V.A. Kozmidiadi, A.N. Maslova, N.V. Petri
Izdatel'stvo "Mir"
Moskva 1974

62. O.N. Ivanova
Člektronnaja kommutacija i èlementy programmirovanija v avtomaticeskoj telefonii
Rekomendovano Ministerstvom svjazi SSSR v kacestve ucebnogo posobija dlja èlektrotexniceskix institutov svjazi
Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo literatury po voprocam svjazi i radio
Moskva 1963

63. V.T. Kulik
Principy algoritmizacii I postroenija upravljajušcix mašin
Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo texniceskoj literatury USSR
Kiev 1963

64. L. Fogel', A. Ouèns, M. Uolš
Iskusstvennyj intellekt i èvoljucionnoe modelirovanie
Perevod s anglijskogo
Ju.P. Zajcenko
Pod redakciej
A.G. Ivaxnenko
Izdatel'stvo "Mir" Moskva 1969

65. Akademija Nauk Latvijskoj SSR
Institut èlektroniki i vycislitel'noj texniki
Č.A. Jakubajtis
Asinxronnye logiceskie avtomaty
Izdatel'stvo "Zinatne"
Riga 1966

66. Avtomaty
Sbornik statej
Pod redakciej
K.Č. Šennona i Dž.Makkarti
Perevod s anglijskogo pod redakciej A.A. Ljapunova
Izdatel'stvo Inostrannoj literatury
Moskva 1956

67. Akademija Nauk SSSR
Gosudarstvennyj proizvodstvennyj komitet po ènergetike i èlektrifikacii SSSR
Čnergeticeskij institut im. G.M. Kržižanovskogo
T.S. Latyševa
Programmirovanie i rešenie zadac na dvuxadresnyx mašinax
Izdatel'stvo Akademii Nauk SSSR
Moskva 1963

68. Metody vvedenija uzbytocnosti dlja vycislitel'nyx sistem
Perevod s anglijskogo
O.I. Bronštejna, Ju.G. Dadaeva,
A.K. Kel'mansa, E.S. Kocetkova
i A.L. Rajkina
Pod redakciej
V.S. Pugaceva
Izdatel'stvo "Sovetskoe radio"
Moskva 1966

69. V.V. Belov, E.M. Vorob'ev,
V.E. Šamalov
Teorija grafov

Moskva "Vysšaja škola" 1976
70 Greniewski. wstep do programowania i modelowania cyfrowego. Warszawa 1961 193pp.

71. Turski. Wladyslaw. podstawy uzytkowania maszyn cyfrowych. Warszawa 1968. 254pp.

72. McCracken, D.D. Programowanie maszyn cyfrowych. Warszawa 1962 280pp.

most are in very good condition. circa 45 cloth bound and the others in original wrappers. ( 1 volume spine damaged).

EUR 3,250.00

Price in euro (€). Extra : A. Shipping ( at costs ) B. 6 % BTW/VAT will be added (only in the European Community)

Cooper, L.G. Standard Fortran: A problem-Solving Approach.
Boston, 1973.252pp. 4to. orig. pr.wrps.
EUR 40.00

Price in euro (€). Extra : A. Shipping ( at costs ) B. 6 % BTW/VAT will be added (only in the European Community)

De ontwikkeling der elektronische systemen voor de administratie.
Remington Rand, 1954.24pp. ills. ( 2 holes for a binder)
EUR 63.00

Price in euro (€). Extra : A. Shipping ( at costs ) B. 6 % BTW/VAT will be added (only in the European Community)

Euwe, M. Kunnen computers denken?
Groningen, Noordhoff, 1964.Euwe's address for prof. at the univ. of Tilburg. Euwe was the most famous Dutch chessplayer
EUR 75.00

Price in euro (€). Extra : A. Shipping ( at costs ) B. 6 % BTW/VAT will be added (only in the European Community)

Glaser, K. Die deutsche astronomische Fachsprache Keplers.
Giessen, 1935.46pp. diss. or.wrps.
EUR 44.00

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Grossin, W. L'automatisation des calculatrices électroniques aux usines sans ouvriers.
Monte Garlo, Ed. du Cap., 1960.92pp. orig.pr.wrps. ills. and tabs. sm. 4to. orig. pr.wrps.
EUR 58.00

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International Conference on Economic and Social Aspects of Automation.
Namen, 1957.141pp. or.wrps.
EUR 85.00

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Langley, P. Les calculateurs électroniques.
Monaco, 1967.96pp. finely ills. sm. 4to. orig. pr.wrps. First ed.
EUR 40.00

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Machines automatiques mills fonctionnant en y introduisant une piece de monnaie. Catalogue pour l'exportation. Trade catalogue of coin operated machines.
Chicago, Mills Novelty Company w.y. ca., 1920.96 pages. small oblong 4to. with 96 ills. orig. printed wrps. some slight browning, A very good/ fine copy.
Some machines : automatic virtuosa, new automatic phonograph. Combination fortune teller and phonograph, sceniscope, front wind autostereoscope, quartoscope picture machine, conjurer fortune teller, verbal fortune teller, sibille fortune teller, wizard fortune teller, information bureau, new world horoscope, small horoscope, Cupid post office, Bally-Ho, Doctor Vibrator, Multiple Postal card Machine. Grip and Lung Tester, Hat Blower, Submarine Lung Tester.....etc. Extreme scarce.
EUR 750.00

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  Naur, Peter, ed.; Backus, J. W. a.o. Report on the algorithmic language ALGOL 60. Dedicated to the memory of William Turanski.
Copenhagen, Regnecentralen, 1960.40pp. original printed wrappers 25 cm. small 4to. fine condition. Reproduced typoscript. Stapled, not bound.
First edition. : The Origin of Cyberspace no. 813 :" This report, which covered both ALGOL's syntax and semantics, served as the standard for the language. " Rare.
EUR 1,250.00

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Neurotica. The Machine
New York, Neurotica, 1951.special issue of Neurotica number 8. entirely devoted to the "machine". ills. orig.pr.wrps. 80pp.
EUR 40.00

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  Pfaff, Heinrich Wilhelm ( 1738 - 1812 ). Rechen-Scheibe zur Bestimmung des cubic Inhalts der Cylinder Kegel und abgekürzen Kegel. ( A kind of slide rule )
Giessen ( Tasché) / Mannheim, F. Wolff für den Verleger in Giessen., 1811.Engraved table and calculating wheel with moving arm and brass mount. 400 x 370 mm. (wheel diameter 370 mm.). Original paste-paper boards. wrappers with some staining, some slight foxing. but inside in remarkeble fresh condition.
The origin of cyberspace no 354 :" Pfaff, a master of military materiel at Giessen, wrote at least two works on finding the volume of cylinders and spheres -- useful knowledge for one professionally concerned with cannonballs and bullets. This extremely rare engraved calculating wheel was apparently intended to accompany Pfaff's equally rare Beschreibung einer Rechen-Scheibe zur Bestimmung des cubic Inhalts der Cylinder ... [Description of a calculating wheel for determining the volume of a cylinder ... ] (1811), a title noted by Poggendorff but not cited in either NUC, OCLC, or RLIN at the time OOC was written. Poggendorff 1970, 2, col. 424." Only two copies in K.V.K. Germany : (Hochschul Bibl. Fulda / U.B. Erfurt).
EUR 1,500.00

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  Rees, K.F.de. Arithmetica illustrata ofte de verligte reken-konst, waer in op een vaerdige, gemakkelijke.... alle de werkingen der Reken-konst... zoo in't geheel , als in't gebroken...,.... als met fraeie en nuttige voorbeelden versierd, eindelijk voor een toemaetje de Logarithmetica ofte het gebruyk der reken-tallen.. The beginning of computer science in the Netherlands
Antwerpen, Joannes Borckx, 1719.(iv-)394; vi, 56pp. with 2 vignets 2 plates and 2 folding plates (with the Napier's bones.)and 2 fold. tabs.and numm.other tabs. or. full calf. spine gilt decor. A good copy. ( 1joint weak). 1719 is mentioned not on the titlepage, but in the preface
A very rare book on all the aspects of arithmetics. The first ca. 100 pp. on multiplying and dividing by the use of rods, or Napier's bones. In Dutch the so-called stock-reckening. Napier himself has a claim as the inventor of the first mechanical calculator and these mechanical devises are the precursors of the computer. We couldn't trace anything on de Rees. This book is not in Bierens de Haan, in which almost every Dutch mathematic book is listed, some other later titles by R. are listed in Bierens. de Haan. We couldn't trace an earlier book in the Dutch language, on the Napier Rod's ,so this is one of the earliest Dutch books on the Napier's apparatus. In the same year there was a (re) print edition by Jacobus van Gaesbeeck also in Antwerp. The edition Borckx without illustrattions and different titlepages, and not bibliographical refereble to us. ( The Borckx not in the N.C.C.) The DutchCentral Univ. Catalogue on-line.
Both editions not in Worldcat ( O.C.L.C. Worldsearch).

EUR 1,250.00

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Schulz von Strassnicki, L.C. Anweisung zum Gebrauche des englischen Rechenscheibers, ( Sliding rule- Règle à calcul ) eines Instruments, mittelst dessen man den grössten Theil der im technischen Leben vorkommenden Rechnungen sehr schnell und sicher vollführen kann: zunächts für Maschinenbauer, Ingenieure... Optiker..Sicherstelllung ihrer Rechnungen.
Wien, Peter Rohrmann, 1843.xii, 218, (ii) pp. with 2 large folding lithogr. plates depicting the sliding rule. Orig. printed wrappers. Wrappers slightly damaged, some mild browning and foxing, but a very good copy.
Very scarce and interesting treatise on the sliding rule with 2 fold. plates on the sliding rule.
EUR 1,250.00

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Sinclair ZX 81 Personal Computer Drion Compters.
Brusssel, Zeip ca., 1981.144p. orig.pr.wrps. First Frend ed. of this manual for th ZX 81? ills. worn and a bit loose.
EUR 30.00

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