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medical insurance

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  Edit du Roij portant creation de rentes en forme de Tontine. Donné a Fontainebleau au mois de Novembre 1733 . registre en Parlement. Manuscipt copy
w.pl., w.y. ca, 1733.xvi, b.w.2: Decalaration du roy, pour faciliter la perception des Rentes des Tontines. Donnée à Versailles le 23. Juillet 1737. Paris 4pp.e l'impr. Royale 1737. b.w 3: Arrest du conseil d'estat du roy. Pour faciliter la perception des arrerages des Rentes Viageres, acquises sur l' hostel de ville de Paris par les Estrangers. b.w.4: 4 pp. Paris L'Impr. royale. 1737. b.w.5: 29 printed folio pages with numeroushandwritten annotations of a tontine. b.w. 6: Edit du Roy portant creation de rentes viagres en forme de Tontine, Donné a Versailles au mois d'aout 1734. 8 handwritten pages; b.w. 7: folio 95 pages with nummerous handwritten annotations and additions. small 4to. bind. with some whormholing and dryout. Otherwise a very good copy.
An interesting treatise of 7 items some printed and some in handwritting all on the Tontine. See at length on the tontine: Jennings et al. :" The Tontine, from the Reign of Louis XIV to the French Revolutionary era. Philadelphia 1982." p.1. " A gold mine for the king.... a treasure hidden away in the realm. Lorenzo Tonti- Banker, polictical adventurer, and promotor- was certain he could channel such riches into the coffers of Louis XIV of France. " The Tontine is a kind of life-assurance, with gambling aspects and bears the name of the inventor Tonti. This convolute consist of the complete 1733 and 1734 Tontines, together with the " edicts " and the "declarations" of the French King. p. 38.: The edict which established the simple tontine of 1733 observed that Louis XIV's tontines had been ' eagerly' taken up by subscribers and it contended that payments had been made exactly, without' diminuation or retrenchment'. In thruth, tontine subscribers seem to have fared better than holders of perpetual rentes. The edict specified over 1 million livres in interest to be divided among seven classes at 150,000 l. each..... Minor changes aside, the administration of the 1733 tontine was similar to that of 1689. By then however, it was vlear that the crucial certificat de vie should be drawn up by the same notary who had prepared the tontien extract.... The 1734 tontine arranged classes in five-year gradations, reduced the number to enlarge the prizes for last survivors, anticipated a total principal of 15 million livres... The public overscribed the 1734 tontine, investing over 15 million livres, the largest yield for a tontine thus far.... Of course, these tontines were war war measures. The first of these tontines ( the above) came in response to a relatively minor confrontation, the War of the Polish Succession... Faced with a shortage of funds to pursue the conflict, the government recognized that the perpetuals were too discredited to attract a wide public." All handwritten annotations by the buyer of this tontine are in a careful and very readible Dutch handwritting. " Ick hebbe ghenomen op het leven van prins Eugenius de Savoije.... etc... with annotations like 1737 " Is doot". In all the buyer bought about 150 different tontines on the life of 150 different persons. All are carefully annoted. Further details upon request.
EUR 8,500.00

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Lane, W.H. a.o. N.S. Savannah, the Insurance Story.
Washington, 1971.8 pp. cyclostyled.
EUR 30.00

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Pollock, James Edward, 1841- and Chisholm. James Geneeskundig handboek voor levensverzekering, ten gebruike van Geneesheden ren Beambten van Maatschappijen van levensverzekering.
Haarlem, Erven F.Bohn, 1899.vii,187p. original publisher's cloth. Slightly foxed. Very good condition.
Met een voorrede van Dr.Jb. van Geuns en Dr.A.E. de Perrot. Geautoriseerde vertaling naar den Vierden druk (1897) of Medical handbook of life assurance : for the use of medical and other officers of companies. Includes Index.
EUR 130.00

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Quetelet, A. Physique sociale ou essai sur le développement des facultés de l' Homme. Tome 1 et II. 2 vols. in 1.
Bruxelles/Paris/St.Pétersbourg, Muquardt/Baillière/Issakoff, 1869.2 Vols. in 1; (viii-)503p, 485p, 3 plates; or.halfcalf, libraryticket, a very fine copy
Second edition. DSB XI, p.237""With the 1835 edition a new era in statistics began. It presented a new technique of statistics or, rather, the first technique of all. The material was thoughtfully elaborated, arranged according to certain pre-established principles, and made comparable. There were not very many statistical figures in the book but each figure reported made sense. For every number, Quetelet tried to find the determining influences, its natural causes, and the perturbations caused by man. The work gave a description of the average man as both a static and a dynamic phenomenon".
EUR 575.00

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Schlayer, K.F. v. Die Versicherung von Reaktorschiffen, dargestellt auf Grund von Erfahrungen bei NS "Otto Hahn".
München, 1960.11pp. cyclostyled. folio. wrps.
EUR 30.00

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