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Lanchester, F. W. Le Vol aérien. II. Aérodonétique, par F. W. Lanchester. Traduit de l'anglais sur la 2me édition par le commandant C. Benoît
Paris, Gauthier-Villars.XVII-478 p., fig. et planche halfcloth. old. wrappers mounted over marbled boards. Stamps on titlepage, otherwise very good.
First French edition of Lanchester's book on Aerodonetics.
EUR 85.00

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Lindon, Elia. Kafka, Franz. Diary of a group of 4 (?) Frenchmen visting the First Airshow outside French in Brescia. Making private photographs of this show. Album entitled. : "Mon Voyage en Italie. 11 - 20 Septembre 1909. At this show also Franz Kafka was present. He wrote on this theme " Die Aeroplane in Brescia"
Brescia a.o., 1909.Oblong 8v0 album 15 pages of text in handwriting in French. Describing the journey to Brescia and other places in Italy. With 82 small photographs ( snapshots. Of which 10 depicting the Brescia Airshow. Photographed sometimes faded otherwise in very good if not fine condition.
"The Aeroplanes At Brescia" (German: "Die Aeroplane in Brescia") is a short story by Franz Kafka published, in slightly shortened form, in the newspaper Bohemia in September 1909. It describes an airshow in the Italian town Brescia, which Kafka saw with two of his friends (Max and his brother Otto Brod) during their journey to Italy. Among other participants, they saw Louis Blériot, the aviator famous for the first flight across the English Channel.[1] The story is lively and witty, as Kafka was fascinated by the airshow. It is also the first description of aeroplanes in German literature. The first air race meeting outside France.
Curiously our guests are at the same time at the same place as Franz Kafka ans saw probably the same. A fascinating document this diary well illustrated. Important for the history of aviation and of course Franz Kafka. Most probably Elia Lindon wrote this manuscript :"
"Admirons vol de 50 km, de Rougier puis Curtiss, Calderara et enfin lui ( Blériot) et son geste éloquent qui lui conquiert toutes les sympathies,12 Sept. ... Madeleine , Blériot qui passe a 2 meters d'elle. " Lundi 20 sept... Rene et Marie partent a 7 hrs pour Brescia etc...

EUR 1,500.00

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Männecke, H. Graf Zeppelins Weltreise rund um die Erde. Grosses ( Musik. ) Potpourri von H. Männecke.
Berlin, Musikverlag Alrobi ca., 1927.16 pp. folio. Notenblatt musical scores.
Front is : " Zeppelin in der Polarnacht" Rather scarce . Selten.
EUR 150.00

Price in euro (). Extra : A. Shipping ( at costs ) B. 6 % BTW/VAT will be added (only in the European Community)

Steketee, J.A. Over de ontwikkeling van de stromingsleer
Delft, Waltman, 1960.24pp. original wrappers.
Rede uitgesproken bij de aanvaarding van het ambt van gewoon hoogleraar in de luchtvaartaerodynamica aan de Technische Hogeschool Delft op woensdag 2 november 1960
EUR 10.00

Price in euro (). Extra : A. Shipping ( at costs ) B. 6 % BTW/VAT will be added (only in the European Community)

Two fine prints."Expérience arostatique [sic] faite [à] Versailles le 19 sept. 1783". ( Ballooning.( Vue optique. Optica print. Guckkastenbild / Guckkastenblatt).) ibidem Experience de la Machine Aroestatique. ( ( Vue optique. Optica print. Guckkastenbild / Guckkastenblatt))
Paris???, without year ca, 1785.ca 40.5 x 30 cm... both identically framed. Contemporary fine handcolouring. Nice engraving. Small repairs in upper right corner without affecting the image. Ad 2. 38.5 x 25 cm. (= Picture size). The ascent of a balloon, with a profile of Paris in the background. But in very good/ fine condition. Very rare........with a profile of Paris in the background. Very good condition. Two companion pieces.
légendée en français-allemand, rehaussée à l'aquarelle (bonne condition). Jolie scène colorée : une grande foule regarde s'élever la montgolfière "à fond d'azur, avec le Chiffre du Roi et divers ornements en couleurs d'Or" (ici elle est peinte en rose) portant une "cage où étoit un mouton, un coq et un canard [... qui] n'éprouvèrent pas la moindre incommodité" de leur historique ascension. Maggs Bros. Biblioth. Aeronautica part 1. no 1353 : " The print represents the ascent of the first balloon filled with hydrogen" The Montgolfier brothers became famous as inventors of the balloon. This print shows their first (unmanned) testflight, viewed by a large crowd of spectators. Descriptive text in 10 lines below in French and German. Rare Optica Print in France).
EUR 1,950.00

Price in euro (). Extra : A. Shipping ( at costs ) B. 6 % BTW/VAT will be added (only in the European Community)

Vlierden C.P.J. v. De telegraaf en luchtballon i.d. oorlog. Kennis der militaire telegraphie en luchtvaart en hare toepassing, vnl. in de oorlogen die sedert 1859 gevoerd zijn geworden.
Heusden, Wuijster, 1881.viii, 210 vi, 3 large folding lithogr. plates. contemp. halfcloth, with printed boards. Some waterstaining on boards. some stamps, but a very good copy.
A very scarce work on telegraphy and air-ballons in war and for military purposes. The 3 large folding paltes depicting telegraphical apparatus.
EUR 173.00

Price in euro (). Extra : A. Shipping ( at costs ) B. 6 % BTW/VAT will be added (only in the European Community)

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